16 Apr. 2013


Louisiana is well known for its food, its southern hospitality, its sports teams, and its party atmosphere – I want to speak on another tourist attraction. SWAMPING – Searching for alligators and whatever else I might be able to see in the process.

During a day trip in the bayou, I was able to capture life in the swamp – and managed to get a few photos of alligators and a couple of feral pigs [wiki definition: pigs that have escaped from captivity and bred in the wilderness]. This was a very enjoyable but very seriously cautious tour and no matter how much you might like to live on the edge, be very careful around the swamp’s wildlife.

But for those of us who really like to live on the edge – Try the night tour I think you’ll enjoy it.  All in all Louisiana was a great place to visit. I will be back!


About the author

Lit Lifestyle Co-Founder Merald “Bubba” Knight III, is currently producing and songwriting out of the Knightridahz Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among Bubba’s many successes, most memorable are his 20 years choreographing for family icon group, Gladys Knight and the Pips.

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