More than a Winery California’s Gold
02 May. 2013

More than a Winery California’s Gold

Best remembered for its 1970s slogan with Orson Welles, who promised for Masson: “We will sell no wine before its time,” Paul Masson wines have a rich and historic background. Set high up in the Saratoga foothills, this historic winery has wonderful sweeping views of the entire Silicon Valley.

“The Mountain Winery”  has expanded its scope since its early days as a family winery.  Offering the same beauty and serenity that enchanted Paul Masson when he first came to Northern California almost a century ago. Featuring star performers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Aimee Mann, Ringo Starr, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Ray Charles, and Carlos Santana,  the historic Winery Building with its intimate ivy-covered stone structure, and old world ambiance provides the dramatic stage backdrop for its Summer Concert Series.

Wine tasting tip:

It is not considered rude to spit out wine at a winery, even in the presence of the wine maker or owner. Generally, a spittoon will be provided.  In some regions of the world, tasters simply spit on the floor. It is polite to inquire about where to spit before beginning tasting.

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